Snowplow drivers staying busy despite lack of snow

Fewer Snowplows on the roads

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(ABC 6 News)- MnDOT’s snowplow drivers have been busy this December despite the lack of snow this holiday season.

Since no snow needs to be removed from the roadways, drivers spend their time repairing guardrails, replacing signs and cleaning ditches along with other work that would normally have to wait until spring.

Even though the weather this December has been mild, the winter season is not over and the snowplow drivers wait in the wings for when the snow does finally arrive.

“When weather does arise they’re ready and they’re used to that. When weather happens, sometimes we know it’s in the forecast, sometimes it can pop up unexpectedly so they have to be able to answer their phone and then answer the call to get out and keep our roads safe,” said Mike Dougherty, the southeast MnDOT spokesman.

As many make their way to holiday celebrations, Dougherty wants to remind everyone that it is never a bad idea to check road conditions before you leave. That information can be found here.