Snowfall brings much needed precipitation

Snowfall touches down in our area once again

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(ABC 6 News) – While a mix of snow and rain might seem inconvenient in April, this precipitation was much needed.

Throughout the last year, Minnesota was hampered with a severe drought that impacted nearly every inch of the state.

Ever since then (slowly but surely), the rain and snow began falling, helping combat the drought effects from last summer.

“In the short term, we’re actually closer to normal than we have been in a long time, so we’re still making up for those deficits that we had last spring and last summer,” lead meteorologist at the National Weather Service in La Crosse Cathy Zapotocny said.

The National Weather Service said those deficits could range from eight to 20 inches of rain, but any chance for precipitation is good.

They weren’t the only ones monitoring the weather going into the evening, MnDOT planned ahead to treat the roads ahead of the snow-wind mix.

“They’ll be monitoring pretty closely all those roadways and they have a number of tools in their tool bag to go to depending on what they’re seeing out there, so we anticipate that they will be able to manage this just fine,” MnDOT public engagement coordinator Cindy Morgan said.

As the snow continues to fall, the same precautions still apply, take it slow and be mindful of snow plows.

As for drought conditions, many hope to have many precipitation days going forward to make up for what we were lacking last year.