Snowfall and slick roads for very late Tuesday and early Wednesday

Snowfall and slick roads for very late Tuesday and early Wednesday

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(ABC 6 News) – Driving Tuesday evening was little trouble thanks to more of a rain and snow mix. Although, the snow was melting as it was hitting the roads. This will allow for an easy drive Tuesday evening.

Overnight and Wednesday morning could be a different story.

Over the past few weeks, we have been making up for the lack of snowfall we experienced during peak months of January and February.

While this is far from the biggest snowstorm we have had the past few years or even in the last month, crews in Fillmore County are gearing up for another slick morning on the roads.

One of the many anticipating the snow is maintenance superintendent of the Fillmore County Highway Department Brent Kohn. “Usually what it does, is it just blows onto the road and sticks.”

Any remaining snow overnight will be able to blow around into early Wednesday, thanks to gusty winds, some of which could blow as fast as 45-50 mph.

Ann Madland, a bartender at the High Court Pub in Lanesboro, thinking it could be an interesting drive Wednesday morning. “It’s not the worst that I have seen, but it can get a little icy. It does sometimes make me nervous to be on Highway 8 cause it gets really windy there.”

If need be, Fillmore County snow cleanup crews have 15 trucks that could cover the county by Wednesday afternoon.

With the wet snow (thus not as susceptible to the gusty winds), Kohn expects an easier clear out than if this snow came in the winter months. Although, he doesn’t want drivers to overlook this snow. “It’s not as bad to cleanup this time of year. I think it just catches people a little off guard.”

Personally, Madland does not mind seeing the snow. “I think it’s been beautiful. I would rather walk my dog in the snow than in the rain.”

She is also excited for warmer weather later this week. “The sunshine on your face, not hot not cold, take a nice leisurely walk out in nature.”

Warmer weather will arrive this weekend, allowing any more snow we get to melt rather quickly. Snowfall totals could end up being as high as 1-2 inches in Fillmore County with the rest of our area likely seeing under an inch of snow between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.