Snow cleanup of early January was a success, but more snow is coming later this week

First Snowfall of the Season, More Coming Soon

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(ABC 6 News) – One of the first major snowfalls of the season skipped December entirely and creeped in days after the New Year.

Branch Manager at Weller Brothers Kirk Olson was surprised at how long it took, but it helps the landscaping and snow removal business he works for.

“We were kind of hoping for a White Christmas. We didn’t get it,” said Olson. “Now, we’re after Christmas, after the New Year, and everybody is ready to get going.”

Despite a lull in this season’s activity, the response from road crews has been swift and coordinated.

With the impacts at their greatest Tuesday morning, hundreds of plow trucks have been on the road overnight to keep roads safe and morning commutes manageable.

However, MNDOT spokesperson Mike Dougherty could see things ramp up a little with more snow coming later this week.

“While it’s been nice, it’s been pleasant, there is still a lot of winter left,” said Dougherty. “We could be getting into the thick of things here.”

Crews expect road conditions to improve going into Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the winter woods.

The coldest temperatures of the season so far will settle in this weekend. This means, the current snow will likely stick around, making the effort to clear roads now even more pressing.