UPDATE: 95% of SEIU MN and IA employees supported new deal

95% of SEIU MN and IA employees supported new deal

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(ABC 6 News) – UPDATE: Ninety-five percent of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota & Iowa members who voted Tuesday supported a new wage deal with Mayo Clinic, according to a press release.

The wage changes are retroactive to Feb. 1, meaning employees who qualify for 6-8% increases will receive back pay.

Sterile Processing Technicians (STPs) and Patient Care Assistants (PCAs) will see raises of 9-11%.

“Because we stood together and demanded wage increases that we deserve as frontline healthcare workers, we were able to win this agreement that is going to help both workers and patients,” Blythe Zempel, a member of the SEIU board, said. “Seeing these huge increases will hopefully help keep our great staff and recruit new folks to do this critical work. We know that Mayo wins all of its awards because of the frontline workers who make healthcare happen, and this agreement is a powerful step towards respecting and recognizing our work.”

“There’s more work to do, but I’m just so incredibly proud of what we have accomplished, and you know coming off such a big win, there’s already confidence building as we prepare for full contract bargaining next year,” said Chelsey Rynerson, a member of the SEIU bargaining team and STP at Mayo Clinic Methodist Campus.

Mayo Clinic has shared a statement regarding SEIU members’ vote on the latest contract agreement between the clinic and workers.

Mayo Clinic is pleased to have reached a contract agreement with several allied health groups represented by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) on the Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester, Methodist Campus.

The agreement reflects Mayo Clinic’s desire to ensure fair compensation for staff in this contract. Mayo Clinic’s nonunion staff received higher salary increases aligned with market changes over the past two years while union staff in this contract did not. Union staff salary increases are generally negotiated every three years and may not match the market changes that happen yearly for nonunion staff through Mayo Clinic’s annual allied health compensation adjustments.

Mayo Clinic values the contributions of each staff member. While union representation dictates a different process for compensation, Mayo Clinic believes all staff should receive fair compensation as part of a broader benefits package to ensure Mayo Clinic remains an employer of choice.

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SEIU and Mayo Clinic reach tentative agreement for Methodist Campus employees

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(ABC 6 News) – After months of negotiations, the Service Employees International Union and Mayo Clinic have reached a tentative agreement on a contract involving wage increases.

Chanting fighting and bargaining, SEIU members are rejoicing in, what they’re calling a victory for fair wages.

“More than just money in the pockets of our membership. It’s hope. It is peace of mind that we will be able to put food on the table and provide for our families and the households that we believe in and that we support,” said union member Taylor Bublitz.

Thursday the union announced a tentative agreement with Mayo Clinic.

The agreement includes:

  • At least a $20 per hour wage by the end of their first year
  • 6% wage increase across the board and an 8% increase for employees with 20 plus years of service
  • Sterile processing technicians and patient care assistants a 9% increase and 11% for those at the 20-year step
  • All pay will be retroactive to February 1.

Now all that left is for the SEIU members to take it to a vote.

“I am confident that it is going to pass, and bargaining team is confident and has recommended as yes vote to the membership,” said SEIU Healthcare Minnesota and Iowa organizer Hallie Wallace.

In a statement to ABC 6 News Mayo Clinic says, “we are pleased we have reached a tentative agreement with SEIU-represented staff at Methodist Hospital.”

SEIU members say the pay is not only going to help them at home but will also allow them to retain and recruit more employees to provide world-class care to the more than 1.3 million patients treated at Mayo Clinic each year.

“Simply in the fact that staff will not be burned out. Staff won’t becoming to you working a 12-hour day already and then getting to patients. It means we will be working less overtime we will be able to fill seats. It won’t be two people doing the workload of eight people, it will be eight people doing the workload of eight people,” said Bublitz.

SEIU members will vote on this agreement on Tuesday.

But they’re not done yet. The union is still in talks with Mayo about compensation for employees at the Saint Marys campus.