Scam alert: The sheriff’s office will never call to ask for money

(ABC 6 News) – The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office received several calls yesterday about a scammer pretending to work for the force, who called area residents and demanded they send him money to clear up nonexistent civil issues or warrants.

Scam alert in Olmstead County: The sheriff’s office will never call to ask for money

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Lt. Malinda Manson said the OCSO will never call people to ask for money.

Furthermore, the calls came from a fictional Sergeant Joseph Walker — not a real OCSO staffer — and from a number that did not start with 507-328, as all OCSO numbers do.

Even if a caller identifies themself as a real staffer and calls from a number that looks right, Hanson encouraged residents to hang up and dial the office at 507-328-6800 to verify any remotely suspicious calls.

Scammers rely on fear and urgency to trick people into making mistakes, Hanson said — but there is no downside to checking in with the law enforcement center before taking any actions.