Rochester woman charged in U.S. capitol attack enters guilty plea

(ABC 6 News) – According to documents filed Thursday, Aug. 17, Victoria White of Rochester pleaded guilty to federal civil disorder charges, as well as aiding and abetting others to do the same in the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol.

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According to the plea agreement, White pleaded guilty to the charges in exchange for an estimated sentence of 0-6 months of jail time, and an agreement to pay $2,000 in restitution to the Architect of the Capitol.

The plea agreement notes that the January 6 insurrection caused roughly $1,500,000 in damages to the United States Capitol.

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Further court documents describe White’s own account of the events of Jan. 6, 2021:

Statement of Offenses, Victoria White

The Statement of Offenses describes the above as proof that White “committed or attempted to commit an act to obstruct, impede, or interfere with one or more law enforcement officers carrying out their duties, and aided and abetted other rioters to do the same.”