Rochester veteran shares his story

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(ABC 6 News) – Veterans day for some people, means they get the day off work or school. For veterans, however, the day takes them back to re-living their highs and lows in the service.

Russ Turner, a Rochester resident, was drafted in 1950, and served during the Korean War.

“It takes five guys in a tank to make it operate right. It’s pretty wicked,” Turner recalled.

When he wasn’t driving tanks he was jumping out of airplanes.

“I was short, so a lot of times it would almost take the meat off up here on the bone,” he said gesturing to his upper arm. “But you know what that was the best feeling. Because you know the chute opened.”

This Veterans Day, Turner is proud of his service while also remembering his hardships.

“There were a lot of casualties.”

Turner says being away from his family was hard. Coming back wasn’t easy either. He was dealing with new injuries and hearing loss while trying to assimilate and failing to find a job.

“When I’d go to get one, they’d ask: well where have you been?”

But the Army taught him to keep moving forward.

“You weren’t alone. That was the thing. Everybody else was in the same boat.”

Find a list of resources for veterans below:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) press 1 for Veteran Crisis Line

MN Service CORE

Wounded Warrior Project