Rochester server accused of attempting to open credit card with documents from stolen wallet pleads guilty

Alleged Credit Card Fraud

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(ABC 6 News) – Connie Lyn Ziemann, 50, pleaded guilty to an amended charge of gross misdemeanor financial transaction card fraud Thursday, Jan. 11.

She was immediately sentenced to 2 years of Olmsted County probation.


(ABC 6 News) – A Rochester woman appeared in court Tuesday after allegedly stealing a former customer’s wallet.

Connie Lyn Ziemann, 50, faces one charge of felony financial transaction card fraud.

According to court documents, in February of 2023, Rochester police met with a woman who said her wallet “went missing” after she ate at a Rochester restaurant.

The woman told police her wallet contained her ID, social security information, and credit cards. After she contacted her bank to report the missing cards, the woman allegedly learned that her credit card had been used to make a $182.87 payment at a Rochester restaurant, as well as a $22.03 purchase at a convenience store.

The woman also learned that someone had used the documents from her wallet to attempt to open a line of credit, she told police — and after calling the phone number the suspect left, the woman had called and reached the voicemail for a “Connie,” per court documents.

Rochester police confirmed that Ziemann had served the woman at the restaurant, and had the phone number in question.

According to court documents, Ziemann told police that she had used the woman’s credit cards to make about $200 in purchases when they contacted her.

According to Minnesota court records, Ziemann was convicted of stealing and altering a mailed check in December of 2021, as well as two counts of mail theft also dating back to December of 2021.

Ziemann is scheduled to appear again in Olmsted County Court Jan. 11, 2024.