Rochester residents react to the first major snowfall

Minnesota Drivers React to First Major Snowfall

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(ABC 6 News) – As we move through the day, more snow is expected to fall. 

Even though it’s what Midwesterners know best, people are having to adjust as it’s been awhile since we’ve seen weather like this. 

“I’m happy out here, I just wish it was more,” Rochester resident Elliot Mainz said. “I prefer winter over summertime, how’s that.” 

Mainz runs his own snow removal business. He wants to clear out 30 driveways soon. He’s at number eight as of this morning.

“This is something I do so I can provide for someone who may not like the winter,” Mainz said. 

“It’s pretty, but I’m not driving in the snow,” Rochester resident Tricia Furlow said. “I prayed we wouldn’t get it but here we are.”

With school closures adding up, she hopes to see her usual crossing kids.

“I think they’re not coming, I feel nice and warm, I’m ready to cross them,” Furlow said. 

She’s there for them, no matter what; snow or clear skies.

“They’re in good hands! I tell them that,” Furlow said.  The positive energy these two have resonates. We can get through anything