Rochester Mayor Kim Norton delivers State of the City address

Mayor Kim Norton delivers State of the City address

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(ABC 6 News) – As we continue our way into the new year, Rochester Mayor Kim Norton looks to the future.

On Wednesday, the mayor delivered her “State of the City” address.

“Although we come from different backgrounds and perspectives, we share a common physical home that we call Rochester,” Norton said.

She wants to maintain Rochester as a city of hope, celebrating the past while looking toward the future.

“Rochester will continue to welcome and care for patients and their companions, providing experiences that make people want to return,” Norton said.

“Bold. Forward. Unbound.” It’s a new chapter in Rochester’s future, one the mayor read over with gratitude.

“The five billion dollar investment is unprecedented in our state and nation. It will be truly transformative,” Norton said.

Norton says Mayo Clinic’s investment will inspire people in other sectors of the city to step up and lead.

“When we pull together we can and do see results,” Norton said.

Norton added she wants the hard work and determination of Rochester residents to pay off.

“The increase of businesses and events, especially downtown, allows us to support our local businesses, increase our joy and happiness, and rekindles relationships that took a backseat during the pandemic,” Norton said.

The people at the event, movers and shakers in the community, agreeing with the mayor.

“What’s so exciting is the opportunities are right in front of us. She laid that out and inspired this room of people,” Patrick Seeb, Executive Director of Destination Medical Center said.

That inspiration is felt by one man, who is leading the charge to create a year-long respect initiative with Norton.

“Politics is important, it’s what we do, but it’s important that we value one another,” Wendell Amstutz, a Rochester resident, said.

“I’m so proud of their work to be part of a team that addresses todays challenges with care and compassion,” Norton said.

It’s a message the mayor believes in, and she wants to see it through.

Norton was the first woman elected mayor back in 2018.

This year, the city plans to Amelia Hatfield Witherstine with a statue dedication, as a part of the Statues for Equality project.

Amelia was the first woman elected to the Rochester School Board in 1911, nine years before women were allowed to vote.