Rochester man accused of flushing drugs before search warrant discoveries

(ABC 6 News) – A Rochester man is currently held on $100,000 bail following a drug bust last week.

According to court documents, law enforcement searched a SE Rochester residence on Jan. 31, and removed three other adults from the home before finding Matthew Johnathan Marquette and detaining him.

According to court documents, the search warrant gave officers permission to search the home and Marquette.

Court documents claim there were surveillance cameras placed throughout the home, and a “monitoring station” in the bedroom where they found Marquette.

According to court documents law enforcement “was advised” that as they approached the home, Marquette had been flushing drugs down the toilet.

They allegedly found a clear baggie “containing an off-white substance” floating in a toilet bowl, as well as a “fine white powder coating the palm of (Marquette)’s right hand,” according to court documents.

Members of law enforcement also claimed they found 20 and 1/2 M30 pills, which often contain fentanyl, on Marquette’s person, a ledger with drug sale information, drug paraphernalia, plus14.3 grams of a substance that tested presumptively positive for methamphetamine and 7.7 grams of possible fentanyl, split up into multiple plastic baggies

Marquette faces two charges of 2nd-degree drug sales, a charge of 2nd-degree drug possession, and a charge of 3rd-degree drug possession.

Marquette’s next appearance on the 2024 charges is scheduled for Feb. 13.

According to court documents, Marquette had failed to appear for a Jan. 30 hearing on 2021 charges of 5th-degree drug possession and driving while intoxicated.

According to court documents, Marquette had been taken into custody in November of 2021, after police found him slumped over the wheel of a car.

Marquette’s blood had allegedly tested positive for fentanyl and norfentanyl.

He’s scheduled to stand trial on the 2021 charges in July of this year.