Rochester International Airport Board proposes increase to parking fees in 2024

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(ABC 6 News) – The Rochester International Airport (RST) has enjoyed a nearly decade without changes to parking fees. But, that could change as early as January 2024.

RST has been the beneficiary of funding through the pandemic-era American Rescue Plan Act, but that line of funding is set to expire at the end of 2025. With that deadline looming, the airport board is looking to get ahead of any potential losses, and increasing parking fees has become part of that strategy.

The last time the airport raised parking fees was in 2014. According to RST’s website, people can currently park in the airport’s lot for 30 minutes at no cost. $1 is added to the cost of parking per additional 30 minutes, with a daily maximum capped at $9, and a weekly maximum capped at $54.

The board’s current proposal will see those prices increase a dollar a year from 2024-2028, meaning by the end of that timeline the daily rate rise to $14, while the weekly rate will rise to $59.

While those prices increase, the amount of time people can spend parked at the airport for free will also increase from a half hour to a full hour.

“We wanted to make sure that people coming to pick up loved ones or visitors had a gracious amount of time to pick those passengers up. They can park in the parking lot for an hour for free, right now it’s only a half hour. So we’re matching what the rest of the municipalities does in relationship to the hour free parking,” said John Reed, Rochester International Airport Executive Director.

With the board approving the changes, they could be in place as early as January 2024. The next phase of the plan is heading to the Rochester City Council for approval, which is expected to be taken up sometime in November.