Rochester City Council signs off on historical status of Corn Cob Tower

Council designates Corn Tower as Historical Landmark

Council designates Corn Tower as Historical Landmark

(ABC 6 News) – During Jan. 8’s Rochester city council meeting, councilmembers unanimously approved designating Rochester’s Corn Cob Tower as a historical landmark.

Councilmembers heard a brief presentation on what exactly the status means for the tower moving forward.

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Just before voting, members shared they felt the tower means to them.

“So many people come to Rochester for dire reason with Mayo Clinic, and having this as, kind of, something else to lighten the mood, have people see it as, we’re more than Mayo Clinic,” added Councilmember Molly Dennis.

The ear of corn tower overlooked the Med City since 1931, and will continue to for decades to come.