Rochester Charter Commission discusses use of AI in government

Rochester Charter Commission discusses use of AI in government

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(ABC 6 News) – During a meeting on Tuesday, the Rochester Charter Commission talked about the use of artificial intelligence in government.

In today’s world, the use of AI has become more prevalent. People use it for many things; from drafting emails to catching up on missed meetings.

There is also growing concern that some government officials may use this to draft policies or make decisions.

This was the main point of the discussion, with some believing that there needs to be restrictions on how AI is used that way.

Valmik Patel, a member of the commission and senior network engineer at Mayo, led the discussion.

When talking about the problem of officials using AI in decision making, he stated “people are entitled and have a right to know where their policies and laws are coming from; and if it is driven by artificial intelligence, there needs to be transparency and accountability for it.”

However, other members of the commission seemed more skeptical, claiming the issue would be hard to police and enforce.

Ultimately, the matter was tabled at the end of the meeting.