Rochester artist and musician livens up Peace Plaza with sign poetry

Rochester Artist Livens up Peace Plaza with Sign Poetry

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(ABC 6 News) – In Rochester, one man has been doing his part to add a little more knowledge and laughter for anyone walking in Peace Plaza.

John Sievers, an RCTC English professor who wears many hats in the Rochester arts and music community. He has been writing haiku’s on social media everyday for people for four years; this summer Sievers wanted to bring the poetry to the streets.

Sievers says even if he doesn’t see the results, he’s hopeful people laugh or get personal insight from the writings he places on the marquee of the Chateau each week.

“It’s something that I think, creativity in daily life is important and it’s something that I try to do everyday,” said Sievers. “This is one way to do that and I kind of think it helps other people. I hope it helps other people have this kind of playful outlook on life.”

Sievers plans to keep the sign poetry going on the Chateau’s marquee for as long as he can.