Rep. Angie Craig urges FAA to investigate reports of “poop rain” falling onto cars

(ABC 6 News) – U.S. Representative Angie Craig (DFL-Minn.) wrote to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Administrator, Billy Nolen on Thursday, urging the FAA to investigate reports of “brown excrement” that fell onto cars earlier this week in Burnsville.

According to Rep. Craig, on the morning of May 15, a constituent from Burnsville reported brown excrement falling onto their car from a significant height. Considering the flight paths in the area, Rep. Craig said there is reason to suspect that it could have come from an aircraft mid-flight.

Rep. Craig said in her letter, “We know that waste contains potential enteric pathogens and can present risks to the environment and human health if not handled properly. There have been many instances of human waste leaking out of aircraft mid-flight, so it is critical that we do everything possible to implement mitigation strategies and are transparent with those communities directly in-flight paths when malfunctions occur.”

Rep. Craig continued by saying, “My constituents have the right to live their lives without the threat of sewage getting in their coffee.”

Rep. Craig requested Nolen’s response to several questions including:

  • Has a report been filed with the FAA regarding the May 15th incident?
  • What safety measures are in place to prevent leakage of fecal matter mid-flight?
  • In instances where a plane’s septic tank leaks, what has the airline, airport and FAA done
    to report it to the affected community?
  • What power does FAA hold to decrease the likelihood of these leaks?
  • How many leaks, as of this letter, have occurred within the Metropolitan Airport
  • Which entity is responsible for the damage and clean-up of septic tank leaks?

To read the letter, CLICK HERE.