Predatory offender moves to 2nd Street SW

(ABC 6 News) – (ABC 6 News) – In accordance with Minnesota’s Community Notification Act, the Rochester Police Department released information Monday, Feb. 26, regarding Patrick Alfonso Terrell Jr.’s move to the 600 block of 2nd Street SW.

Terrell Jr., 28, has a history of sexual assault with adult women, according to the MN Sex Offender Program’s public fact sheet.

Terrell Jr. approached one victim in a public setting, and another as she assisted him with finding services and employment, according to the MN SOP fact sheet, using force to gain compliance.

According to RPD, “this individual has served the sentence imposed on them by the court and is transitioning into the community. This notification is not intended to increase fear but rather raise awareness. Law enforcement believes that an informed public is a safer public.”