Hormel Institute looks to secure $20 million in bonding bill

(ABC 6 News) – The Hormel Institute is hoping to secure $20 million in this year’s Minn. state bonding bill.

The money would go toward constructing a new bio-imaging wing at the Institute, providing researchers with a bird’s eye view of the human body.

On Tues., the Joint Capital Investment Committee discussed how much should be put into the bonding bill. However, the two parties have yet to determine what will be included in the final resolution.

“Of the concerns I have right here at this hearing today is that as far as I know, we haven’t yet received a joint agreed upon target from the four caucus leaders on what we could potentially be doing,” said Sen. Jordan Rasmuson (R-Fergus Falls).

Olmsted County has also requested $3.5 million for food and waste separation.

The cities of Blooming Prairie and Albert Lea also have requests in for water infrastructure projects.