Omar supports Biden, not his handling of Israel-Hamas war


(KSTP) – Minnesota 5th District Congresswoman Ilhan Omar disagrees with the Biden administration’s handling of the U.S. role in supporting Israel in its war with Hamas, but she still supports President Biden’s re-election bid.

Omar says she was in Washington, D.C., for votes in the House of Representatives and couldn’t be in Minnesota to vote on Super Tuesday. If she had been here to vote in-person as she planned, she would have voted for Biden despite a vigorous campaign by others who disagree with Biden’s Israel policies who encouraged Democrats to vote “uncommitted.” Thousands of voters did that and even earned delegates to the national Democratic convention.

Omar says she supports what the uncommitted voters were doing.

“I am an ally in this,” she said of the uncommitted voters. “I share their concerns. I share their desire to be heard by the administration. I carry their voice. I talk to the administration constantly about my constituents, 31% of them voting uncommitted.”

She also responded to Israel’s Consul General for the Midwest, Yinam Cohen, who was in Minneapolis this week promoting the Israel fight against Hamas.

“We want peace in the Middle East,” Cohen told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS. “Peace in the Middle East will come when Hamas is defeated. We need a few more weeks to finish the job and eliminate their terrorist infrastructure.”

Omar remains skeptical.

“They started (in October) saying it would take a couple weeks for them to eradicate Hamas, it’s been five months,” she said in an interview with 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS on Friday. “The idea that they will eradicate ideology by creating so many orphans, the idea that they are going after Hamas when mass casualties have been on civilians is laughable and we have to be honest about that.”

You can see the full interview with Omar on “At Issue with Tom Hauser” Sunday morning at 10, including her explanation of why she voted against banning the social media site “Tik Tok” which passed by a wide, bipartisan margin.