Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office warns of phone scam

(ABC 6 News)- The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office has issued an alert to the public of a phone scam.

The department said numerous residents received phone calls that showed up on their caller ID as coming from the Non-Emergency Dispatch Center (507-328- 6800) on Friday.

Officials say these are not legitimate calls. The caller states that the person being called has warrants and needs to pay immediately or be arrested.

The Sheriff’s Office does not and will not call anyone directly demanding immediate payment or face arrest.

“Unfortunately, these scammers are spoofing the real Non-Emergency Dispatch number to show up on a person’s callers ID but be assured- THIS IS A SCAM CALL. Do not give the caller any personal information and do not send any type of payment. As always, be wary and use caution when dealing with these type of calls. Law Enforcement does not make calls like this. Protect your personal information and do not send payment to anyone you do not know, regardless of what tactics they may use.”