Olmsted County kiosks get new scanning functionality

(ABC 6 News) – Olmsted County residents can now submit documents as part of the application process for State of Minnesota benefits at county kiosks thanks to new scanning functionality.

Documents for State benefits such as food and cash assistance and health care renewals can now be submitted at Olmsted County kiosk locations with this new scanning feature. The county collaborated with the Minnesota Department of Human Services’ technology team to implement the kiosk feature.

“Previously, residents could access information from kiosks about services provided by Olmsted County’s Health, Housing, and Human Services teams as well as information on Legal Assistance of Olmsted County, RentHelpMN, and State of Minnesota benefits. While they could start the application process for various assistance programs through the kiosks, they couldn’t submit the necessary paperwork through the kiosk system until now,” explained Olmsted County Information Technology Business Analyst Mike Oanes.

Olmsted County launched the kiosks in 2021 as a new way to increase access to Olmsted County services. Kiosks, available in various locations across the county, were designed to help minimize barriers and enable even more residents to access Olmsted County services in locations that are convenient and comfortable to them. 

“The scanning functionality is really quite user-friendly,” noted Olmsted County Program Coordinator Mary Eichten. “Residents can fill out their MNbenefits application at the kiosks and scan the necessary documents needed as part of that application right through the kiosk system.

“The thing that comes to mind is food security. It’s such a basic need that really propels a family forward or can really stop them from being able to thrive. So accessing food support in a timely manner and efficient way is really important and is something that can make a huge difference.”

Olmsted County kiosks are available at the following locations:

  • Channel One: 131 35th St. SE, Rochester
  • Intercultural Mutual Assistance Association (IMAA): 2500 Valleyhigh Dr. NW, Rochester
  • RCTC Heintz Center: 1926 Collegeview Rd. E., Rochester
  • Rochester Public Library: 101 2nd St. SE, Rochester
  • Stewartville Pubic Library: 110 2nd St. SE, Stewartville
  • The Salvation Army (social services building): 115 1st Ave. NE, Rochester
  • Zumbro Valley Health Center: 343 Woodlake Dr., Rochester
  • Olmsted County Government Buildings:
    • 2100 building: 2100 Campus Dr. SE, Rochester
    • 2117 building: 2117 Campus Dr. SE, Rochester (2 kiosks)

For a preview of what the kiosks look like and what they do, CLICK HERE.