Officers in Albert Lea respond to woman who pulled a knife on someone

(ABC 6 News) – On Thursday, officers in Albert Lea responded to a Motel 6 in Albert Lea after receiving reports of someone pulling a knife out on another person.

According court documents, the suspect Robyn Jessica Moore allegedly approached the victim’s motel door and began threatening the victim, including threats to harm her person.

According to court documents, the victim was standing in her doorway while the Moore stood in the hallway, where the Moore began wielding a knife. The Moore brought the knife to her mouth and picked at her teeth with it.

The victim described the knife as “a tree carving knife with a thick black handle and a silver blade, approximately six inches in length.”

According to the victim, her room’s running water experienced issues, making her use another room for running water.

While the victim spoke with officers about her experience, officers reported hearing the Moore yelling from the parking lot with a trash bag and large branch in her other hand.

Officers then spoke to the Moore, who admitted to confronting and yelling at victim.

According to court documents, the Moore denied threatening anyone or using a knife to threaten anyone. The suspect denied having a knife while speaking with the victim.

The Moore stated she had not been using drugs, but did drink a small amount of alcohol.

According to officers, the victim’s son state he saw the Moore with a knife. Video evidence collected at the motel also confirm the Moore held a knife during their confrontation.

Moore has been charged with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and fifth-degree assault – fear of bodily harm or death

The Moore has since been arrested and transported to Freeborn County Adult Detention Center.