New area code coming to S. Minnesota

924 area code added to Southern Minnesota

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(ABC 6 News) – The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission will add the 924 area code to the region of Minnesota included in the 507 area code at the end of January.

Residents currently with a 507 area code will not need to change to the new area code.

The new area code will only affect people with a seven digit telephone number and new telephone lines after August 2024.

After Jan. 30, 2024, callers will need to dial 507 followed by the remaining seven digits of a person’s phone number which used to only have seven digits.

However, between Jan. 30 to July 30, 2024, if a caller forgets to use the 507 area code, the call will still be completed.

After July 30, calls to a seven digit number must include 507, otherwise the call will not go through.

After Aug. 30, 2024, the 924 area code may be assigned to new telephone lines and services.

911, 988, 411 and similar numbers will still only require the three digits.