Monday Night Football brings a spike to local businesses

Local business shares impact of MNF

The Minnesota Vikings will be facing the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football. While it's a big night for football, it's also a big night for local businesses.

(ABC 6 News) – The Minnesota Vikings stand ready to face the Chicago Bears during Monday Night Football. While it’s a big night for football, it’s also a big night for local businesses.

You probably know the scene: walk into a bar, it’s busy, take a look over and see football on the TV; A usual sight at Brothers Bar and Grill in Rochester on Sundays and lately, Mondays.

With the Vikings playing Monday Night Football, Owner Kevin Smoot says what usually is a slow Monday, turns into a busy one.

“It definitely brings in more people Sunday and Monday nights. We definitely see an increase when the Vikings are playing on Monday night. It’s got a positive impact. It’s not huge but you can definitely tell when the Vikings are Monday night. We sell a little more beer and chicken wings.”

Fast forward a few months from now when football season is over, Smoot says there’s a definite notice. Sunday and Monday nights become much slower without football.

Whether you’re looking to watch the game in person or on TV, the action all starts at 7:15 p.m. ABC 6 News will be live from U.S. Bank Stadium Monday night to cover the game as the Vikings take on the Bears in primetime.