Minnesotans could see new flag flying within 6 months

Next Steps for New State Flag

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(KSTP) – In six months, Minnesotans could see a new flag flying above government buildings across the state.

The design commission made their final pick for the new flag — but more steps still follow.

The redesign commission still has to put together a final report and submit it to the legislature by January 1.

For the first time in more than a century, a new flag could fly high across the state.

Over 2,000 submissions later, the final pick is a flag featuring the shape of Minnesota with an 8-point star facing north, while floating in a sea of blue.

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The design pick generated pushback.

“The people in Minnesota are speaking very loudly and what they’re saying is we haven’t had a chance to weigh into this,” Sen. Steve Drazkowski(R) said.

Drazkowski is a non-voting member on the committee.

“Rep. Olson and I are going to be bringing on a legislation for next session to allow the people of Minnesota to have their voice be heard. Let’s put this up for a vote,” he said.

Secretary of State Steve Simon calls the idea unconstitutional, but Drazkowski disagrees.

“If we’re thinking about possible ways in which this process could be undermined, the legislature could take a vote and the majority could say, ‘No we don’t like this. We want to start all over again,’” Larry Jacobs, U of M political expert, said.

Jacobs said that’s very unlikely because the DFL is the majority and supported the effort.

Experts predict we could see a lawsuit.

“There are a number of people are pretty angry. They feel like the public should have had more voice. They feel like maybe there should be some sort of vote in the in the state over the flag and the seal,” Jacobs said.

If everything goes as planned, Minnesotans will see the new state flag fly high on Statehood Day on May 11.