Minnesota BCA permit to carry report

(ABC 6 News) – The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension released its latest permit to carry annual report.

The 2023 report tracks statistics about gun possession in Minnesota, such as how many application were applied for, how many were denied and crimes committed by permit holders.

The report showed, in 2023, 78,000 people applied for permits in Minnesota and around 65,000 applicants were approved.

The report notes that only 789 permits were outwardly denied. Out of the total 78,000 applications, the denial rate is 1%.

The majority of applications that were not approved were voided due to incomplete information.

The report also shows the number of crimes committed by permit holders is the highest its ever been, with a slight catch.

In total, people with permits to carry committed over 4,700 crimes in 2023, but with more and more people becoming permit holders, only 1% of carriers were charged with a crime in Minnesota.

The majority of the crimes committed didn’t directly involve a firearm, 60% of crimes committed by permit holders were DWIs.