Mason City Fire House renovations and new recruits

Mason City Fire House Renovations and New Recruits

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(ABC 6 News) – The Mason City City Council is accepting a bid for the remodeling of the old fire station, a building that’s stood for over 50 years.

The building will be expanded to include 18 new dorms, in case the department needs to hire more firefighters in the future.

It will also include spaces and a meeting room.

The total cost of the renovation is around $5 million.

“We know it’s very important to make a good work environment, a good living space for firefighters, since they are here for so many hours of the day around 24 hour shifts,” said Chief Erik Bullinger. “So, it’s important to have an updated facility with them in mind.”

Officials say work on the building is expected to be finished some time next year.

Also tonight, Mason City Fire Department swore in three new recruits to fill some of the new beds.

The three are the first new fire fighters to enter the Mason City ranks in over a year.

After a six-week course, Katrina Cornick, John Laurin and Emily Carolan all swore their oath.

“You get to do both, which is what I really like, because I love EMS I’ve been a medic for a few months now, but being able to do fire is a whole new set of challenges,” said Carolan. “It makes it exciting, it’s something a little bit different, but yet, I get to do what I love and it’s a really fun challenge.”

The swearing in ceremony comes at a time of need for the department, as they just lost two fire captains to retirement.

Congratulations to all the new recruits, from ABC 6 to you!