Marble Rock Fire Department receives donation to purchase new pumper truck

(ABC 6 News) – The Marble Rock Fire Department recently received a $7,500 donation from the First Security Charitable Foundation to assist the volunteer-led organization in purchasing a new pumper truck.

Currently, the fire department is using a 1989 E-One Pumper. It was refurbished in 2006 but is now in need of replacement. The department is holding a series of fundraisers with the goal of raising $100,000 to pay for the new vehicle. Currently the department is roughly halfway toward its goal.

“This project directly affects the life safety of both the residents of our fire district and those districts we respond into,” said Brittany Paulus, Marble Rock Fire Board Secretary / Treasurer.

“Our replacement truck would be a rescue pumper,” said Brian Chambers, Marble Rock Fire Chief and 35-year fire department veteran. “It would have EMS compartments in it, plus it would carry all of our rescue tools, so whether it’s a medical response or a car accident or trauma or rescue situation, we can have all of our gear on one truck and send a crew of four and be able to handle the situation.”

Chambers says being able to use the truck for multiple types of response is vital because volunteer fire departments – including Marble Rock’s – have had a difficult time staying staffed.

“We’re constantly recruiting, trying to find new members. It’s just hard because there’s not the body count available.” He adds it’s a vital and rewarding undertaking and encourages people to consider it. “You’re giving back to your community. Definitely a feeling of satisfaction.”

Marble Rock Community Fire Company is a fully volunteer fire and rescue department comprised of 20 firefighters and EMS personnel. The fire district covers 67 square miles while the EMS district covers 135 square miles of Floyd County, including Marble Rock and Rockford.

Anyone interested in contributing to the Marble Rock Fire Department’s pumper truck fundraising effort can learn more and contact the fire department here.