Registration open for 2023 Litter Bit Better event

(ABC 6 News) – Registration for the annual A Litter Bit Better event is now open.

This year’s event is happening April 22-30 and volunteers are encouraged to collect litter anytime during this week. Trash and recycling bags will be provided. Anyone interested is asked to pick a location, pick a date, and pick it up!

Volunteers are encouraged to cleanup on their own or with groups that they already regularly gather with, such as their household, family, or workplace.

Since Litter Bit Better’s first year in 2007, volunteers have collected over 145 tons of litter in ditches, parks, waterways, and boulevards throughout Rochester.

Community members are reminded and encouraged to:

  • avoid throwing trash and cigarette butts on the ground or out the car window.
  • bag trash before placing it in your curbside bin to prevent loose trash blowing out of a haulers’ truck.
  • put the lid on tight for your curbside trash and recycling bins to prevent items from blowing away in windy conditions.
  • learn which items can be recycled and which items belong in the trash.

For information on registration or tips for volunteers, CLICK HERE.