New alert system active for Olmsted County: CodeRed

CodeRed Alert Systems in Olmsted County

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(ABC 6 News) – CodeRed is an updated alert system meant to make the process of alerting the public to certain risks more efficient. These alerts will concern life-threatening events, things like active shooters, tornadoes, and train derailments.

Captain Jonathan Jacobson of the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office and Director of Emergency Management likes CodeRed for how user-friendly it is. “When we’re sending out alerts, the interface is a lot easier to use for us.”

The new system will also allow officials and law enforcement to target parts of Olmsted County that is most at risk during particular threats.

Emergency management personnel can draw polygons over a map of Olmsted County and only alert the people in that polygon. If people cross over into the polygon, they will also get the alert as well.

Brett Knapp, the Interim Emergency Management Director for the city of Rochester, greatly approves as well. “Any phone that has their alerts turned on, which is basically everybody, would get this alert with this information on what’s happening, who’s sending it out, and what we need people to do in the meantime to keep themselves safe or help the situation.”

On top of those alerts, CodeRed will also give you the option to receive text messages, emails, or both that provide more information about a particular threat than the typical alert.

For people who choose to participate, you’ll continue to get AMBER Alerts or severe weather warnings that are sent directly to your smart phone.

If you want more information on CodeRed or are interested in signing up for texting or email services, that can be found here.