Drivers cautioned to be safe during the snowstorm

Drivers Cautioned to be safe during the snowstorm

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(ABC 6 News) – The first big blizzard of the season arrived, with steady snow throughout Friday.

People are advised to stay off the roads whenever possible, but for those who do have to travel, snowplow drivers have been hard at work trying to keep the roads clear.

“I kinda say ‘we love it in Minnesota’, we’re kinda prepared for it, but just make sure you give yourself ample time and if you know you’re trying to plan to travel,” said Jake Busho, Street Maintenance Supervisor with Rochester Public Works (RPW).

Ann Hoverson visited Rochester from Red Wing for her daughter’s birthday, so she couldn’t avoid the travel.

“I said well, we can still go because it’s just going to be less than an inch by the time we get back, but it ended up being blowing and drifting,” said Hoverson.

However, there were a couple more inches than that by the time she headed home.

“The interstates are pretty clear, but right in town here they’re getting snow covered and getting a little bit swirling where you can’t see that well,” said Hoverson.

Snowplow drivers from RPW have been hitting the streets all day to keep them as safe as possible for drivers out and about.

“Overnight crew was in last night then we did the crew switch right out at 7 o’clock, so we did the crew switch with about 45 operators,” said Busho.

Plow drivers first prioritize hills, main roads and bus routes, before moving in to residential areas.

Unfortunately, with a bigger storm like this, it can take while before plows make it to your neighborhood.

“When we get up around bigger amounts of snow, 4 inches plus, it could be six, eight hours on, you know a little bit more than that, but we try to hit them, at least make them passable,” said Busho.

If you do go out on the road, keep an emergency kit in your car and leave your phone charged in case you get into an accident.

Remember, the roads are slick, so drive slowly and leave plenty of space for snowplows.