Alleged armed robbery at Austin convenience store

Alleged Austin Armed Robbery

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(ABC 6 News) – . According to Austin police, a masked teenage boy allegedly walked into One Stop Food Mart, pulled out a gun and demanded the employee behind the counter hand over the money in the till, just after 6:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Police say shortly after making the demands he told the worker quote “We’re all doing our jobs here, but I need the money.”

After gathering the cash the man allegedly in the mask apologized to the clerk and shook her hand before running off.

Austin Police Chief David McKichan says that these situations can be dangerous for employees and the best thing you can do is watch the person closely.

“Don’t sacrifice yourself for things, items, cash, money try to be the best observer you can be, no one is asking you to stop what’s happening, but certainly afterwards when we do the follow up what someone’s able to observe can totally help us,” said Mckichan.

The incident has the whole neighborhood shook up, a stark contrast to what local residents call a pretty quiet part of town.

“Yeah, we’re real tight in this community and everyone really watches out for one another. So, I feel pretty secure in the neighborhood, but the last thing you want here is armed robberies happening in the community,” said Scott Larson, who lives nearby.

Other people in the area say they are going to start making sure their doors are locked at all times. Other business owners in the area are worried they could be targeted next.