Local dog daycare helping dog owners with the cold weather

Local dog daycare helps dog owners

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(ABC 6 News) – For the next week, Leashes & Leads in Byron will help dogs blow off some steam.

Dogs can play at the indoor play pit for free, as long as they are being supervised.

Normally, the day care offers a day pass for $8.

The discount means to help dogs get out of the colder weather.

Jenna Behnke is the supervisor of the doggy daycare, and thinks helping out the public is important for the sake of pets (in this case: dogs). “Obviously, none of us like going outside with bare skin, so imagine your dog trying to go outside to even potty; It’s hard.

Emma Van Benschoten has a seven-month old pitbull mix named Jax. He is super energetic, but also dislikes the cold. “My dog gets really cooped up inside, and he gets full of energy; there’s no way for me to take him outside cause it’s too cold for me which means it’s definitely too cold for him.

Despite pets having fur, not all dogs have as thick of fur as other animals such as bears or horses. They are also much smaller in size than both of those animals, and don’t have as much fat or skin to protect them from the elements.

The day care will dog owners to come in for free through Sunday, Jan. 21. By then, we will start to warm up again.