LeRoy dog owner, Fillmore County sergeant and humane society reps meet in court over dog seizure

(ABC 6 News) – A civil suit against the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office moved forward Thursday, Feb. 27.

Donald Norval Anderson, 89, requested a hearing to determine whether the Fillmore County seizure of 15 of his German Shepherds under MN Statute 343.22 was justified.

Anderson also contested allegations that the dogs were underweight, poorly groomed, and malnourished, as detailed in search warrants ABC 6 accessed Wednesday.

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On Thursday, Feb. 22, Judge Jeremy Clinefelter determined that the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office and County Attorney will have to prove to him that the seizure of the dogs was justified.

However, Anderson will have to prove that the dogs are in good condition, and that he is capable of caring for them, before the 15 German Shepherds are returned to the farm.

Attorney Steven Hovey, representing Anderson, said the Anderson Farm owners had provided him with documentation about the dogs’ care.

According to the search warrants filed Wednesday, two veterinarians who examined the Anderson Farm dogs determined that they were in poor health and at risk of malnutrition.

Hovey told the court he would send another veterinarian to examine the dogs Monday.

They are currently held at the Humane Society in Golden Valley, on behalf of the owners.

As the dogs are currently held at the Humane Society, Fillmore County scheduled a hearing where Anderson, the veterinarian inspecting the dogs on his behalf, Fillmore County sergeant Dan Dornink, a Humane Society representative, and another veterinarian representing the County’s position on Friday, March 8.

The hearing is scheduled to take place in the morning, barring any scheduling conflicts.

In the meantime, Anderson is required to finance the dogs’ care at the Humane Society, according to Humane Society representative Ashley Pudas.