Legacy Golf Course breaks ground in Mason City

Legacy Golf Course breaks ground in Mason City

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(ABC 6 News) – Legacy Golf Course at the 19 held a ground-breaking ceremony to commemorate the renovations set to be complete this summer.

Pritchard Companies purchased the 123-year-old Mason City Country Club in September 2022.

The formerly-Mason City Country Club has served the Clear Lake and Mason City communities for generations.

“The people that have been a part of this, there’s generations of families and folks that have been out here really enjoying this place for years and years,” said Matt Sedlock, project manager overseeing renovations.

Sedlock goes on to say, “the most exciting thing for me has been really getting to hear a lot of the history, the stories, the memories, and really being able to bring that back to this community.”

Renovations are already underway, and set to be complete in early July.

Legacy Golf Course is set to open on March 25.