Law enforcement: Luke Bryan concert went “smoothly”

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(ABC 6 News) – Local law enforcement said they are pleased Monday after making zero arrests and having very few incidences at the Luke Bryan concert in Eyota over the weekend. With around 20,000 people packed into a farm field, authorities say zero arrests is quite an accomplishment.

One of the owners of Gar-Lin Dairy Farm, where the concert took place, said she is honored to have hosted the event.

“Everything really flowed very well. It’s just really a great moment,” said Dana Allen-Tully, of Gar-Lin, adding that she is grateful she could represent hardworking midwestern farmers.

“When you’re in agriculture those roots are pretty strong. Some of these small communities — we have a lot of heart.”

Olmsted County Sheriff Kevin Torgerson said he is grateful audience members represented the county in such a positive way.

“Kudos to the people that came. It was really a fun time,” Torgerson complimented.

His office made zero arrests, and says people did a good job taking care of each other that night.

“Phenomenal. I mean, they policed themselves too.”

There were around 10 incidences where deputies had to send someone home, along with some medical calls. Torgerson says traffic out of the concert was an issue, but that was to be expected in such a small town.

“You’re not in a metro area. You’re in an area that has two roads leading from it,” he said.

The biggest event Eyota usually sees is Eyota Days, which attracts around 1,000 people every July.

“There’s a lot of people now that know where Eyota is. Or how to pronounce Eyota.”

Eyota’s Mayor Anthony Nelson said the concert had great economic impacts on the city. The grocery store, gas station and bars were packed all day.