Latest in former deputy’s child solicitation cases — new warrants, alleged juvenile victims

(ABC 6 News) – New documents detail a previous attempt to report Mathew Adamson for child solicitation – one that took place a year and a half before the BCA/RPD sting that led to his first arrest.  

Olmsted County Court unsealed search warrants Adamson’s sex crimes case earlier this week. 

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Adamson, a former Olmsted County Sheriff’s deputy working at the Adult Detention Center, was the subject of a child solicitation sting in November of 2023 – followed closely by additional charges for possession of child pornography, invasion of privacy, and misconduct of a public officer. 

In April 2024, he was federally charged with producing child pornography and coercing a child into sexual conduct.

‘Cyber vigilante’ report to Rochester police

In February 2024, Rochester resident Chase Taner Johnston’s trial moved to add evidence involving previous attempts to report Adamson for child solicitation. 

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Johnston, a self-described “predator catcher,” is known for texting individuals using a child’s persona, then confronting and filming those people in person. 

Court documents filed in Johnston’s case state that his defense intends to use police reports and other material from a May 1, 2022 sting involving Adamson in a trial.

From Olmsted County search warrants

According to the documents, investigators in Adamson’s case counted Johnston’s report among three reported incidents where he allegedly chatted with people pretending to be 13- or 14-year-olds.

The other two incidents happened during the Rochester police and BCA stings, wherein Adamson allegedly messaged a police detective pretending to be a 13-year-old, as well as a BCA agent pretending to be a 14-year-old over social media platform “Whisper.”

From Olmsted County search warrants

Using an open records request, ABC 6 News obtained the Rochester police report from May 1, 2022, concerning Johnston’s alleged “sting” involving then-deputy Adamson. 

The police report notes that Adamson told police he had done a “sting” on an OCSO deputy – and also that he was “concerned that LE (law enforcement) is not taking him seriously.”

ABC 6 News reached out to Rochester police about the “proper personnel” who received the report and what follow-up was conducted.

“Both RPD administration and OCSO administration received the report,” RPD communications officer Amanda Grayson said in an email. “Most of the chat exchange in the report was prior to the cyber vigilante stating their age to be 14, and absent more information did not rise to the level of a crime. I do not know what OCSO office did with the report.”

Additional details on second arrest

The unsealed warrants also detail the how Rochester police obtained two hard drives, on which investigators allegedly found sexual images of girl children, women and children in various restrooms, and photos of Olmsted County detainees in various states of undress. 

The warrants reiterate that after Adamson’s release from Mower County Custody following his first arrest, he attempted to destroy two hard drives. 

According to the warrants, Adamson told the woman they contained private photos of her, and the woman said “if that is all,” she was comfortable turning them over to Rochester police, and held them in a safe until investigators obtained a warrant to retrieve and search them. 

Sherburne County jail roster, May 2024

Olmsted County and federal court cases – what’s next?

Adamson’s release from federal detention was revoked shortly after his arraignment, and he filed an appeal May 8.

According to Adamson’s appeal documents, a 12-year-old girl told law enforcement Adamson had solicited sex acts from her in July of 2023. Notice of juvenile victims and witnesses in Adamson’s federal case was filed in April.

Court documents state that the parents of two other juvenile girls, allegedly photographed by some of Adamson’s hidden cameras, requested that Adamson’s release be revoked based on potential danger to those children and the public.

“It is uncontested that the minor victims and their parents fear for their safety and
that of the community should Adamson be released,” federal court documents revoking Adamson’s house arrest read. “The charges also involve allegations of predatory behavior in numerous settings: at home, at work as a law enforcement officer in a jail, and at a public park. This proffered evidence demonstrates a brazen disregard for the rule of law and for the rights and safety of others, including vulnerable members of society.”

According to Sherburne County’s records, Mathew Adamson is currently held in the county jail.

He is scheduled to appear in federal court July 30 for a hearing.

Adamson is scheduled to appear in Olmsted County Court for pretrial hearings Aug. 14, followed by jury trials Aug. 26 for his child solicitation and child pornography/invasion of privacy cases.