Lack of Snow Affecting Small Businesses

Lack of Snow Affecting Small Businesses

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(ABC 6 News) – Last year, Southeast Minnesota saw 12.8 inches of snowfall by mid December. But this year that total is currently sitting at just 2.8 inches.

And while some are enjoying the mild temperatures, there is one group unfortunately that are feeling it financially, it’s a huge hit for snowplow companies.

“Costs on a snow plow is up about 35% in the past three years to buy a plow with all the prices going up and still fuel tires, everything to maintain these plow trucks,” said Michael Bollinger of Urban Landworks in Bloomington. “It’s going to be really hard for the small operations to even survive this right now.”

ABC 6 Meteorologists expect a warm pattern through the holidays. Coming off a summer marked with drought and little mowing, this winter could be a dire situation for some businesses.