Kasson-Mantorville Elementary Science Day

Kasson-Mantorville Elementary Science Day

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(ABC 6 News) – Inside Kasson-Mantorville Elementary School, Monday was all about Earth science for first-graders.

Students got hands-on learning from several organizations. 4H, an educational nonprofit, held a “green shack” to teach about succulents and growing new plants.

People’s Energy Co-op taught students about wind energy, while the Minnesota Agricultural Department helped students with agricultural literacy.

According to KM Schools, science day gives students insight to future careers.

“They just think it’s a fun day, and they are having fun. They aren’t realizing the knowledge they are learning and the knowledge they will be able to take on with them,” said Jennifer Kujath, a K-Eight high potential interventionist with KM Schools.

Next in the curriculum, fourth-graders will spend a day focusing on careers in health sciences.