Justice group seeks changes to juvenile safety

Justice group seeks changes to juvenile safety

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(ABC 6 News) – The Justice For All Coalition is backing a series of bills that would make big changes to public safety and Minnesota courts.

One of the bills would prohibit law enforcement from using deceptive interrogation tactics and consent searches during roadside stops.

The coalition also advocates for raising the minimum age for juvenile court jurisdiction to thirteen and the maximum age to 21.

Marvin Haynes spent nearly 20 years behind bars before his conviction was vacated on a lack of evidence.

“Because the justice system failed so badly in my case, I spent two decades in the prime of my life behind bars for something I didn’t do,” said Haynes. “My case shows how badly the system can fail when people are more focused on closing a case than getting the truth.”

The group also expressed support for a bill requiring independent investigations for any in-custody use of force cases that result in death.