Journalists win $1M in settlement with MPD

(ABC 6 News) – Following nearly three and a half years, journalists have won $950,000 settlement from the city of Minneapolis.

The lawsuit stems from injuries journalists received while covering the protests following George Floyd’s murder by a Minneapolis police officer in 2020.

The settlement will be divided between lead plaintiff and journalist Jared Goyette, seven other journalists attacked by both police and the Communications Workers of America.

The Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved the settlement.

“I do not feel a sense of victory, but rather hope that this case, alongside others and the impending consent decree between the city and the Department of Justice, will lead to a future where Minneapolis law enforcement is less likely to recklessly infringe upon First Amendment rights and assault and intimidate journalists,” said Goyette. “There remains significant work to be done in terms of policy. It is my hope that, following the implementation of the consent decree, both the city council and mayor’s office will undertake a thorough examination of any remaining gaps that need to be addressed.”