Mitchell County gives the nod to Trump

Iowa Caucus, Voters in Osage

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(ABC 6 News) – It was a packed gymnasium here at Lincoln Elementary in Osage Monday. And like we expected many different opinions but in then end only one winner.

The line was out the door with eager caucus goers knowing the future of their party is partly, up to them.

“There’s a lot of interest in this,” said one caucus goer.

“It’s great to participate and be with the community and give our opinions,” said Paula Ross.

Many caucus goers came with their mind already made up.

“We’re gonna go for Nikki Haley,” said Ivar Jakobson.

“For Vivek,” said one caucus goer.

“We are still a little on the fence. I am anyway,” said Ross. But her husband John voted for DeSantis.

“Trump is the only man with the experience and the courage,” said another.

Though, many are concerned about the former president and his looming legal battels and behavior.

“He’s got so much negative baggage you know with the court cases and the snide remarks,” said Jakobson.

“He’s a little divisive and a lot of issues,” said Ross.

But in the end. Trump was the victor at this caucus location, in Mitchell County and Statewide.