Iowa pipe band Turlach Ur performs at Brother’s Bar & Grill on St. Patrick’s Day


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(ABC 6 News) – Brother’s Bar & Grill stepped up their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations this year by inviting a well-respected pipe band from Iowa to perform.

People in Rochester enjoyed the Turlach Ur pipe band so much that they performed three times on Saturday.

They have many years of experience of performing, and were happy to share their talents with a new crowd.

Their music helped liven up the environment for everyone’s enjoyment.

“We have been working up the show ever since then and looking forward to it. It’s great to come play in front of an excited crowd like this who’s here to have a good time and hear good music,” Turlach Ur pipe band leader Rob Clower said.

The pipe band originated in Grinnell, Iowa in 2007, where they grew to become one of the more competitive pipe bands in the Midwest.

The band drove over three hours from Grinnell to Rochester to share their music with a new crowd.

“We got more into doing different types of music and mixing in with other instruments and guitars, fiddles, keyboards, and it’s that kind of music that brought us here,” Rob Clower said.

Some in the group have been playing bagpipes for as long as they can remember, like pipe sergeant David Clower, who’s been playing for 18 years.

Even so, playing on St. Patrick’s Day is something the Turlach Ur pipe band takes pride in, and they look forward to the tradition every year.

“It’s just seeing how excited the audience is, everybody is ready to let loose a little bit and embrace this part of their heritage and they get really excited to see bagpipes it’s always great to see that,” David Clower said.