Iowa GOP chairman prepares for caucuses, confident in integrity

Iowa GOP Chairman prepares for caucuses

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(ABC 6 News) – As the Iowa caucuses approach, the chairman for the Iowa Republican Party Jeff Kaufmann says his staff and volunteers are ready for the upcoming election.

Even with Iowa Republicans holding over 1,600 caucuses with more than 10,000 volunteers, Kaufmann says he’s confident in the training and support from the Republican National Convention to maintain the integrity of the results.

“It is absolutely and I mean this, I don’t mean this as a metaphor. I mean this literally: there is nothing, no election, no contest, more transparent, more open, more auditable than the Iowa caucuses,” said Kaufmann.

The Iowa caucuses will be held on Jan. 15. According to Kush Desai, the communications director for the Iowa GOP, results will be announced as soon as possible on caucus night.

Iowa Democrats will announce its results on March 15, due to the mail-in caucus format.