Iowa education bills face backlash

Iowa education bills face backlash

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(ABC 6 News) – Multiple education bills are moving through the Iowa House, despite pushback from Iowa Democrats.

Wednesday featured a late night debate on the House floor. The HF 2617 sparked discussions, as it would introduce new curriculum in schools, forcing students to watch videos of a baby in the fetal development stage in a video known as the “Baby Olivia Video.”

“The producer of the Baby Olivia video says that it exists today, the video, to shift public opinion and is dedicated to supporting a culture of life,” said Rep. Jennifer Konfrst (D-Polk County) “That’s an agenda, that’s a political agenda.”

HF 2544 proposes changing certain requirements related to social studies curriculums. The bill would mandate students’ education “emphasizes the good, worthwhile, and best achievements,” of America. Critics worry the bill would sanitize American history.

“It baffles me that somehow, teaching kids the Mayflower Compact, or the Northwest Ordinance or about Jackie Robinson somehow politicizes the education system.”

The bill passed with a 58-37 vote.

Finally, HSB 675 would make it easier for teachers to carry guns in schools.

Teacher would be armed, if they pass safety training, annual background checks and a one time in-person legal training.

Those against the legislation say they do not believe more guns in schools will make students safer.