Iowa DOT launches Mobile ID app

(ABC 6 News) – The Iowa Department of Transportation’s (Iowa DOT) new Mobile ID app is available and ready to download for Apple and Android users, however users won’t be able to actually use it just yet.

For now, the Iowa DOT is soft-launching the app with plans to formally launch it next month.

In order to use the app, users will need to register their phone number, scan their ID, take a selfie, and set up security.

The Iowa DOT is working with businesses and other groups to make sure they have everything they need to verify ID’s. Businesses would be required to download a separate app or system, however no business is required to use it, so users would have to check before using the app instead of an actual, physical ID.

The state of Iowa considers the mobile ID app as an acceptable form of ID and can be used in situations to verify age or identity.

The Iowa DOT says people should still keep a physical ID as a backup as not all states accept mobile IDs.

To learn more about the Iowa DOT’s Mobile ID app, CLICK HERE.