Hypothetical Hyperloop hype

Hyperloop hype

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(ABC 6 News) – Is that drive from the Med City to the Twin Cities too long? Well, a nonprofit from the Twin Cities has got the train rolling down the tracks to make the commute much faster.

“Hyperloop technology has been talked about around the country and around the world. And so, they want to do a study and see if it’s even feasible here,” said Rochester Mayor Kim Norton.

Global Wellness Connections has asked the met council for $2 million to complete the study. Hyperloop is a train that travel to speeds up to 700 miles per hour underground. Just the thought of it has people here excited.

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Norton feels the Hyperloop would benefit both areas. “Connecting people to health care, to jobs and in some respects the Twin Cities as more amenities than we do particularly concerts and sporting events. That we could hop on the hyperloop and in a very short period of time be up in the Twin Cities and it could actually increase people’s ability to participate,” said Mayor Norton.

“I would appreciate it. For me, I have a lot of friends from college who live up there would be way easier for me to travel up to seem them,” said Jeff Laivell of Rochester.

Laivell works in health care. He says it would be great for patients to get to the Med City.

“You know, it’s really important. We have people that come down for our research studies and things like that, but if they get here in a more accessible way that having to drive down here and stay the night? That would be great for them,” said Laivell.

Some even say this could have a positive impact on the environment.

“It would take cars off the roads. Be able to help us look at our greenhouse gas emission reduction goals and be better for the environment,” said Norton.

Now the train just started rolling down the tracks here. This group has only requested money for the study. This does not mean the hyperloop is going to happen, yet we will keep you posted!