How winter activities hold up in the middle of a warm January

Warm Weather Impacts

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(ABC 6 News) – The Curling Club of Rochester held most of their events indoors this season, up until their outdoor tournament at the end of last week.

For curler Stephen Russell, it was the latest they started ice prep since the club’s inception six years ago.

“This year, we started just after Christmas,” said Russell. “We usually start about 1-2 weeks earlier in setting up ice here.” 

According to Russell, curling wants four to six inches of ice; anything less would likely slow, stall or cause the forty-pound stone to dig through the ice. 

As for the ice temperature, ideally it should be around 26-28 degrees Fahrenheit or colder.

Highs on Tuesday topped out in the low-30s, but Russell and the curling club have a plan.  “We have a liner in place, so any kind of melt that hopefully gets captured and it refreezes overnight.”

Communities like Eyota already see less than ideal ice conditions with the warmer temperatures returning. Other communities don’t have a liner like Rochester’s curling club, creating some challenges locally.

But the plan could change again with possible rain forecasted for later this week. That won’t likely affect the ice much.

The mild temperatures, on the other hand, will make some of these activities more difficult with even warmer temperatures possible next week.