Hilton Rochester wins prestigious award

(ABC 6 News) – Hilton Rochester Mayo Clinic Area has been awarded the prestigious Connie Award by Hilton Worldwide for the second consecutive year.

The hotel, managed by Croft Hospitality, is located in downtown Rochester. The Award recognizes the hotel for its service and operations.

Miki Radovanovic, Chief Operating Officer at Croft Hospitality, said “Our employees gain a sense of empowerment and accomplishment when we are able to achieve our goals and be recognized for that. We are proud of the unified operations that we have created and also for our ability to prioritize the needs of our guests.”

The Connie Award is the highest award granted by Hilton Worldwide. The winner of the award is selected based on a combined ranking of overall experience and overall service, in addition to quality assurance audits, measuring cleanliness, hotel condition, compliance with brand standards and property accommodations.

“To receive the Connie Award even once, is a true accomplishment in itself” said Andy Chafoulias, Chief Executive Officer of Croft Hospitality. “To be one of the very few hotels who are able to boast about receiving the award a second time, is an even more unique and recognized opportunity. This award is a true testament to the outstanding dedication of our employees and their abilities to provide award-winning hospitality.”

Hilton Rochester will proudly display the 2022 Connie Award statue in its lobby, alongside the hotels 2021 Connie Award.